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Principal Parts

1. Hand Wheel provides a means for

raising or lowering the needle.

2. Pattern Display Panel shows a vari­

ety of patterns available for your
sewing needs.

3. Friction-Free Spool Pin and Cap

hold the top thread supply and allow
it to unwind smoothly as the spool

does not turn.

4. Stitch Width Lever controls the width

of patterns and sets the needle for

straight stitching.

5. Snap-In Thread Guide helps to in­

sure a smooth flow of thread from the
spool to the tension.

6. Auto Needle Thread Tension Lever

controls top thread tension.

7. Face Plate is a removable cover

protecting movable parts and sewing


8. Sewing Light illuminates sewing



One-Way Needle Clamp holds

needle in machine and prevents
incorrect insertion.

10. Needle Plate supports the fabric

during sewing.

11. Removable Extension Table lets you

change the machine bed from flat to
free arm.

12. Presser Foot Lifter, at the back of

machine, lets you raise and lower

presser foot.

13. Thread Cutter, is built into face plate

cover for convenience and safety.

14. Siide Plate, with window to see bob­

bin thread supply, opens for easy

removal and replacement of bobbin.
It also activates the bobbin winder.

15. Bobbin Winder is built into machine

and allows you to switch from sewing

to bobbin winding without removing


16. Feed System moves fabric under

presser foot.

17. Presser Foot holds fabric against the

feed system and snaps on and off.

18. Bed is the work surface of the


19. Stitch Length Lever allows for a

variety of stitch lengths.

20. Power and Light Switch turns on the

machine and sewing light at the same



Reverse Lever provides either

momentary or continuous reverse

fabric movement.

22. Pattern Selector Dial turns directly

to any of the patterns, plus button­

hole, shown on the pattern display

23. Stitch Balance Ring adjusts appear­

ance of Special Stitch patterns and



Electrical Power Cord connects

machine to your electrical outlet.

25. Speed Controller, designed for safety

and convenience, regulates the elec­

tronic solid state speed control.