Attaching a button – SINGER 9113 User Manual

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Flat buttons can be sewn on quickly and easily using the plain zig-zag stitch


Stitch Selection:

Zig-Zag Stitch

Stitch Width:

Stitch Length:



Button Sewing (H)

Needle Plate:

General Purpose (A)

Attach Feed Cover (F)

The space between the holes in the

button determines stitch width setting.

Before you can attach a button, the

bobbin thread must be brought up

through the hole in the feed cover (F).

Raise foot lifter.

Position both threads under button foot

toward rear of machine.

Hold needle thread while lowering needle

into hole ip feed cover. Raise needle
and gently pull needle thread, undo loop
of bobbin thread that comes up with the

needle. Details on “Raising the Bobbin

Thread” are on page 17.

1. Place garment under button foot.

• Position button on garment making sure

the holes in the button are between the
toes of the button foot.

• Lower foot lifter.