Connecting the machine, Running the machine – SINGER 9113 User Manual

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The solid state system assures constant speed as you maintain the same pressure
on the controller when sewing through various fabric thicknesses.

Unwind the air control hose from foot

operated speed controller.

Always be sure air hose is not blocked.

Pressing on the controller, you should

feel a slight air flow from the hose.

Plug this air, hose onto the receptacle

above power cord, at the right end of the


Then connect the electrical power cord

plug to your electrical outlet.

NOTE: When not using the machine,

rewind air hose around speed controller for

storage, as shown.

Do not operate machine without material
under the presser foot as this may damage

the feed and the foot.


The machine and the sewing light are turned on and off by the same power switch.


1b turn on machine and sewing light, press
power switch down at right side. To turn off

machine and light, press power switch

down at left side.

To run the machine, press the speed
controller. The harder you press, the faster
the machine will sew.

To stop the machine from sewing, remove

pressure from speed controller.