How to sew straight stitches – SINGER W120 User Manual

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(1) Prepare for Sewing as Follows:

(a) Set the zigzag width regulating knob to "0" (zero po­

sition). Now you can sew straight sewing.

(b) Hold the upper thread lightly in your left hand.

(c) Turn the balance wheel toward you gently with your

right hand, until needle enters needle plate & re­

turns to highest point.

(d) When the needle bar with the thread inserted into the

needle has been raised, pull the upper thread, and

the lower thread will come out of the needle hole

picked up by the upper thread.

(e) Put both the upper and the lower thread beneath the

presser foot and pul] the ends to the back.

(2) Actual Sewing:

(a) Place the cloth to be sewn beneath the presser foot,

making one stitch by turning the balance wheel, and

lower the presser foot.

(b) Start sewing.

(c) Do not pull on the material. This often causes the

needle to break.

(3) How to Change the Direction of Sewing:

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