SINGER W120 User Manual

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22. B L I N D H E M S

◄ R

1. Usfe blind stitch cam. NO. 8

2. Use standard zigzag presser foot

3. Set needle position lever in right notch marked

4. Set zigzag stitch width control knob at ”o”

5. Set stitch length control dial between “2” and “3”.

Prepare the garment in the same manner as for hand hemming.

Step 1. If hem with folded edge is used make first fold

3/8” deep.

Step 2. Turn hem the depth desired and baste 1/4 from upper edge.

Press into place.


Step 3.

Fold hem back toward right side

of garment leaving 1/4 extended.

Step 4. Place material under presser foot and

sew blind

hem automatically.