SINGER W120 User Manual

Page 19

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background image

Pr*esser foot апи •

end to brine thp к

^s^ng the needlp я


feed tep^ь u


the eigeag width J

drop f„d t

taok. (2) **


at '4.,

P faed k„

8- Raise teedle e


^°"t stitches t

at „g,, -«P

fabric, siao taise deed te th K

»P» to sew the other row g

'*’'* “-P feed кос

"ееа 1" g^d "2" (to 1оГ

dettonhole ret

stltchiog reaches he p„sit°"""‘'

’a» со ‘

1*-^ be


T o

„ske the iidal bar-t.l

«*“- (3,


datli Д

bar-tack. (4)

^gain setting the



11- Return zigzag -a u


at "П" a

thread. 5


to "0" a^d r.u



stitches to is t

« --

-ebioe sod open the hott h


P bottoohoie cott

■ 1 7 -