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Connecting External Devices


You can transfer sampled sounds, recorded songs, and other
data in Digital Keyboard memory to a computer for storage.
You also can load standard MIDI file (SMF) data, and Auto
Accompaniment data you download from the CASIO website
to the Digital Keyboard, which greatly expands the Song Bank
songs and Auto Accompaniment patterns available to you.
A special Data Manager application is required in order to
transfer data to and from the Digital Keyboard.

The same types of data that you can store to or recall from an
SD memory card (page E-59) can be transferred to and from
the Digital Keyboard. Note, that recorded song data can be
transferred to a computer in the Digital Keyboard’s native
format only. You cannot save recorded song data to a
computer as a standard MIDI file (SMF format). With the
WK-500 (only), you can save and recall scale memory data.


Go to the CASIO WORLDWIDE site at the
following URL.


At the site, select a geographic area or country.


After accessing the area site, navigate to the
minimum computer system requirements for
Data Manager for this product.

• You should be able to find a link to Data Manager

information on the product introduction page of this
product. If you cannot find such a link, use the search
form of the area site where you are located to enter the
model name of this product and search for it.

• Note that site contents are subject to change without



Check if your computer system complies with
the minimum requirements for Data Manager.


Download Data Manager and its user’s guide to
your computer.


Follow the procedure in the user’s guide that
you downloaded in step 5 to install and use
Data Manager.

• You can download accompaniment data from the

Internet Data Expansion system of the CASIO MUSIC
SITE ( and load it into the
memory of this Digital Keyboard. Note that there is not
any accompaniment data intended specifically for this
model, so you should use data for other models.

• Since the accompaniment data is for other models, you

may experience some abnormalities when playing it on this

Maintaining Data in Memory

After you save data in memory, it will remain there as long as
power is supplied to the keyboard. However, if you disconnect
the AC adaptor when there are no batteries loaded, saved
data will be deleted.

Tips for Maintaining Data

• Use both batteries and the AC adaptor together.
• Make sure that batteries with sufficient power are loaded

whenever you disconnect the AC adaptor.

• Connect the AC adaptor to the keyboard and plug it into a

power outlet before replacing batteries.

Before connecting or disconnecting the AC adaptor or
replacing batteries, first press


to turn off power.

Storing and Loading Digital
Keyboard Memory Data

Data Types Supported for Data Transfer

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