Using your router table, Optional kreg accessories – Kreg PRS2100 Precision Benchtop Router Table User Manual

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Using Your Router Table


Starting Pin

The starting pin included with your router table is useful when routing curves. It supports the edge of your work piece and allows you
to gently ease your work into the router bit. It should only be used with router bits that have a guide bearing.

Start with your work piece touching the starting pin, but not in contact with the router bit. Ease the material into the cutter and make
contact with the bit guide bearing. Always feed the workpiece so the router bit rotates against (not with) the feed direction. With the
work piece in solid contact with the guide bearing, you can ease off of the starting pin and allow the work piece to glide along the
guide bearing.


The fence extrusion features two T-slots, one on the top and one on the front face. Use T-bolts to attach feather boards and stops.

Center-Reading Tape Rule

Center the fence on the router bit and use the tape rule to position stops for routing stopped cuts or slots.

Fast-Action Fence Clamps

The ¼-turn fence locks quickly secure and release the fence with the fl ip of a handle.

Optional Kreg Accessories


The T-slot on the top edge of the fence accepts the Kreg
PRS7850 Precision Router Table Stop

that fl ips out of the

way when not in use.


The T-slot on the front face of the fence accepts Kreg
True-FLEX Featherboards

, PRS3010 (single pack) or


(twin pack).


Add safety and convenience to your router table with this handy

switch. Holes in the mounting fl ange of the Kreg PRS7850
Multi-Purpose Router Table Switch

mate with holes in the

router table stand for easy installation. Two receptacles allow

control of two inputs and the Key-Loc™ feature eliminates
accidental switching. Mounting hardware included.

Reducer Rings

Augment the three reducer rings included with your

router table with the Kreg PRS3050 5-Ring Set. The set

includes ¾”, 1⅜”, 1⅝”, and 2⅛” rings plus a blank disk for

making a custom zero-clearance ring.