Dell Venue 10 Pro 5056 User Manual

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Dell Venue 10 Pro 5056 / 8 Pro 5855 Imaging Recommendations

To install the OS using a UEFI bootable USB flash drive with a USB-C dock:

For this example, the Dell Dock WD15 was used in conjunction with a Venue 10 Pro 5056. The process
for the Venue 8 Pro 5855 would be similar.

The system can be connected to the WD15 Dock with a USB mouse and connected to the Dock’s USB
2.0 ports. The travel/dock keyboard can be used for both mouse and keyboard input but having an
external mouse makes the process somewhat easier.

Until the chipset drivers are installed, the touchscreen will not function. All input when installing the
OS will need to come from an attached USB mouse and keyboard. Windows 10 and 8.1 both natively
support USB 3.0 and will boot and run the OS installer from the USB 3.0 port of the WD15 Dock.