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Dell Venue 10 Pro 5056 / 8 Pro 5855 Imaging Recommendations

1 Overview

The purpose of this document is to provide details for imaging Dell Venue 10 Pro 5056 and 8 Pro 5855 systems with the
properly supported Microsoft Operating System and required drivers and applications.

Drivers and applications must be installed on Venue 10 Pro 5056 and 8 Pro 5855 in a prescribed order to ensure optimal
functionality and performance. Dell provides drivers and applications that are not included in Microsoft Operating
Systems. These drivers are required to enable the features of the Dell Venue 10 Pro 5056 and 8 Pro 5855 tablets. The
needed drivers and their supporting applications can be retrieved from the following URLs:

Venue 10 Pro 5056:


Venue 8 Pro 5855: