ZTE MF920A User Manual

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Disconnect the modem using the LTE/3G switch button on the home page.

Then go to Settings > APN

In Auto mode the device will provision the correct APN based on your SIM card

and service provider.

Select Manual to add a new APN

Press Add New to create a new APN

Add the Profile Name, eg Virgin

Enter the correct APN details eg virginbroadband

Press Save to save your new APN

Press the Profile drop down box

Select the new APN profile

Click on ‘Set as default’ to set the new APN as your preferred setting

Press the Help icon

to get in context tips.

Normally there is no need to change these settings unless you change service


The Wi-Fi hotspot is locked to Virgin. If you use a SIM card from another

provider you may not be able to connect to the network.

Consult your new carrier to obtain alternate APN details for your device.