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Your 4G Wi-Fi hotspot has two external antenna ports for 4G LTE MiMo (Multiple
input, Multiple output) Networks. Network signal and data rates can be improved
by connecting a dual (2x2) antenna.
If you are using a single antenna then connect to the Main antenna port at the top
of the device.
The antenna connection is TS9 and dual and single antennas are available on line
or from major retailers.

Important Note:
Always take care when connecting an external antenna or patch
Using incorrect connectors may damage your device.
Do not trip over or pull harshly on the antenna cable which may damage the
antenna port connector.
Physical damage to the antenna ports is not covered by warranty and may
permanently damage your device.


The internal battery will last up to four hours in normal use but this is dependant
on many factors such as network signal strength, number of users connected and
the amount of data being transferred.
Battery time will reduce when the network signal is low, many Wi-Fi users are
connected or users are engaged in continuous data downloads or uploads (ie
streaming video, audio or FTP traffic).
It is normal for the device to get hot when the network signal is low and users are
engaged in continuous data traffic.
If the device temperature exceeds 45C then the battery will not be charged. This is
a safety feature required for Lithium-ion batteries.
In these cases it is possible for the battery to discharge, even though the device is
connected to the charger.