Precautions and safety information – ZTE MF920A User Manual

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The Wi-Fi hotspot
cannot connect to
the internet when

You don’t have
international roaming
enabled on your plan.

Consult your service provider
before you go overseas to enable

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Some electronic devices are susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The

Wi-Fi hotspot is a transmitting device and may cause interference to sensitive
electronic equipment such as audio systems, vehicle systems and medical
equipment. Please consult the manufacturer of the other device before using
the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Operating the Wi-Fi hotspot may interfere with medical devices like hearing aids

and pacemakers. Please keep the Wi-Fi hotspot more than 20 centimetres away
from such medical devices. Turn the Wi-Fi hotspot off if necessary. Consult a
physician or the manufacturer of the medical device before using the Wi-Fi
hotspot near such devices.

Be aware of regulations when using the Wi-Fi hotspot at places such as oil

refineries or chemical factories, where there are explosive gases or explosive
products being processed. Turn off your Wi-Fi hotspot as instructed.

Don’t touch the antenna area unnecessarily whilst connected. This can affect

your Wi-Fi hotspot performance and reduce the signal quality.

Store the Wi-Fi hotspot out of the reach of children. The Wi-Fi hotspot may

cause injury or get damaged.

The Wi-Fi hotspot contains sensitive electronic circuitry. Do not expose the Wi-Fi

hotspot to any liquids, high temperatures or shock.

Only use original accessories or accessories that are authorised by the

manufacturer. Using unauthorised accessories may affect your Wi-Fi hotspot’s
performance or damage your Wi-Fi hotspot.

Avoid using the Wi-Fi hotspot in areas that emit electromagnetic waves or in

enclosed metallic structures eg lifts.

The Wi-Fi hotspot is not waterproof. Please keep it dry and store it in a cool, dry