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Consult your SSID sticker and enter the default Wi-Fi key which is case sensitive.

Any letters entered must be in upper case (capitals).

Connection example for Windows 7 computer:

On your task bar, next to the clock, click on the Network Interface icon


Click on the Wireless device Virgin Mobile 4G_xxxxxx


Enter the password exactly as shown on your SSID sticker observing the correct

case for all letters


With Connect Automatically enabled your computer will remember the

password and connect to your Wi-Fi device when it is on and in range.

It is also possible to connect via USB connection. See later for details.


Browser home page

Administrator login


Default SSID

Virgin Mobile 4G_xxxxxx
Supplied on your SSID Sticker on the device and a spare
sticker in the box.

Default Wi-Fi Key

10 characters which are case sensitive.
Supplied on your SSID Sticker.

Restore defaults

From the powered up state:

Open the back cover and use a toothpick, paperclip or
other suitable device to press and hold the “Reset” button
for 5 seconds.

All passwords and settings will be restored to defaults
and the hotspot will reboot.
Use the default credentials on your SSID sticker to log
back onto your device or log in via the USB connection if
you do not know your password.