Sony DSX-S100 User Manual

Page 9

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E Control dial/select button page 18

To adjust volume (rotate); select setup items
(press and rotate).

F Receptor for the card remote


G Display window

H OPEN button page 7

I AUX input jack page 19

To connect a portable audio device.


(BACK)/MODE page 10, 11, 18

To return to the previous display/select the
radio band (FM/MW/LW).

K ZAP/SHUF button page 11, 15, 17

To enter ZAPPIN™ mode (press); select
shuffle play mode (press and hold).

L AF (Alternative Frequencies)/

TA (Traffic Announcement)/
PTY (Program Type) button
page 12,
To set AF and TA (press); select PTY (press
and hold) in RDS.

M DSPL (display)/SCRL (scroll) button

page 12, 15, 17
To change display items (press); scroll the
display item (press and hold).

N USB connector (located on the TUNE

TRAY) page 14, 16
To connect to the USB device.

O TUNE TRAY page 14, 16

Tray unit to place a USB device or an iPod.

P Device Inside Alert LED page 20

Q RESET button page 6