Answering a call – Yamaha PJP-100H User Manual

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Answering a Call


Follow the procedure below to answer a call from another unit.


While having an incoming call, press


When there is an incoming call, the back light of the
display lights up and the ringing tone is generated.
The display shows the IP address of the unit calling
this unit.


If the call is made by the PJP unit which is already registered in
the address book, the name registered for the unit is displayed
instead of the IP address.

Do not disconnect the LAN cable or power cable during a call.
Doing so may cause malfunction.


To adjust the speaker volume, press VOL +/–.


To disconnect the call when the conference
is complete, press


To mute the microphone

When you want to talk about a topic that you do not want
to be heard by the other unit(s) involved in the call, press
MIC MUTE. The microphones of this unit are turned off
while the MIC MUTE LED lights up. To cancel muting,
press MIC MUTE again so that the MIC MUTE LED
turns off.


The microphone indicators (blue LEDs) do not light up while the
microphones are muted.

To deny the call

While having an incoming call, press


Answering a Call




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