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Installing and Connecting the Projection TV (continued)

___________________________ Disconnect all power sources before making any connections.

Using the S-Link Function

S-Link is a Sony innovation designed to
make the Sony components work together. It
allows you to automatically switch the
projection TV's input mode to video when
you press the play button on the Sony S-Link

Using the S-Link function without
a Sony AV receiver

Connect the Sony VCR (DVD), (see

"Connecting a cable TV system/antenna

to a VCR" on page 6 or "Connecting a
DVD Player with component video
output connectors" on page 12)


Using an S-LINK cable, connect the

S-LINK jacks on the VCR (DVD) and the
projection TV. Ensure that both ends are
seated firmly and that the projection TV's
S-LINK jack is in the same row as the
AUDIO/VIDEO cable extending from the
Sony VCR (DVD).

Refer also to the Operating Instructions
supplied with the VCR. satellite receiver.
DVD player, LD player and other Sony
video equipment for details.



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