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Page 42: Caption vision, Adjusting your set up (menus) (continued)

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Adjusting Your SET UP (menus) (continued)


Using the Set Up Menu




; e I U p

P a r e n t a l C e n t r e 1 ^ _
C a p t i o n V i s i o n f c C 3 1

L a n g u a g e . E n g l i s h

V i d e o L a b e l

Direct Play

F l a s h F o c u s

N o


Select gt Exit

For detailed information on using the remote
control to modify menu settings, refer to
"Learning Menu Selection" on page 29.

To select the Set Up © menu:





P.W'KS C'og'nms


Caption Vision

Television closed

oaption display

Allows you to block TV programs that you feel are unsuitable for your

children, (see "Using the Parental Control Feature" on page 40 for details)

Some programs are broadcast with Caption Vision.

To display Caption Vision, select |CC|1, |CC|2, ICC

[CCÌ4. TEXT1, TEXT2, TEXTS or TEXT4 from the

menu. Then press the ICCi button until “Caption

Vision” is displayed.

|CC|1,|CC|2,|CC|3 or |CC|4 displays a printed

version of the dialogue or sound effects of a

program. (The mode should be sef to |CC|1 for most

programs.) TEXT1, TEXT2, TEXTS, or TEXT4

displays network/station information presented using

either half or the whole screen.


• Poor reception of TV programs can cause errors in Caption Vision and XDS.

Captions may appear with a white box or other errors instead of the intended


• XDS, Caption Vision, and the status display cannot be used at the same time.


Select from available languages

(English, Español



to display all

Preferred language

menus in your language of choice.


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