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Basic Set Up

Using the Remote Control

Inserting the batteries

Insert two size A A (R6) batteries (supplied)
by matching the + and - on the batteries to
the diagram inside the remote control's
battery compartment.

Using the remote control joystick


• Remoc'e the batteries to avoid damage

from possible battery leakage whenever
you anticipate that the remote control
will not be used for an extended period.

• Handle the remote control with care.

Avoid dropping it, getting it wet, or
placing it in direct sunlight, near a heater
or where the humidity is high.

• Your remote control can be programmed to

operate most video equipment.
(see "Operating Video Equipment" on
page 51)




The supplied remote control has a joystick
which moves the on-screen selector in four
directions. In most cases, moving the joystick

up, down, left or right will cause the selector
to move in the selected direction.

In some cases, the selector may move in four
directions according to the function. Pressing
down on the center of the joystick ( 0 ) will
activate the selected item.

You may also move the joystick right to
activate a selected item. (TTiere are some
exceptions to this option.)

Adjusting Sliders

VVlrcn menu items present a slider ( — or

— ), move the joystick up, down, left or

right to adjust the setting.

On Line Help/lnstructions

Several menu windows will provide
prompts and instructions to assist you in
navigating through the different functions.

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