To unlock the parental control feature temporarily, Adjusting your set up (menus) (continued), Selecting a custom fiating in u.s.a – Sony KP-48V80 User Manual

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Adjusting Your SET UP (menus) (continued)

To unlock the Parental Control feature


When YOU select a Parental Control program,
no sound or picture except for a channel
number will appear. The fi ineficator is
displayed. To \ iew the program, follow the
steps below.

1 Press ENTER to display the "Password"


2 Enter your password using the 0-9

buttons. Parental Control will be canceled
("Parental Lock" set to "Off") until you
turn your projection TV off.

Selecting a Custom fiating In


If you want to select the ratings to be blocked
from "Cusfom" once you have aefivated the
Parental Control feature (page 41), follow the
procedure below.

For a detailed description of each rating, see
"What the Ratings Mean" on pages 47 to 49.

1 Select "Parental Control" from fhe Sef Up

menu, (see page 38)

Q S u l U p





C a p t i o n

^ P a s s w o r d

L a n g u a g j □ --------------

L a b e l

D i r e c t P l a y
F l a s h F o c u s :

S e l e c t » E x i t g S

2 Enter your four digit password using the

0-9 buttons.

The Parental Control menu appears.
Make sure that "Country" is set to




P a r e n t a l C o n i r o l

iKiMBWu.s A

P a r e n t a l L o c k - O n

R a t i n g ;

C h i l d

C h a n g e P a s s w o r d

Move-h Select» Exit I


Mo\ e the jo\ stick up or down to select

"Rating," and press v' ■

4 Move the joystick up or down to select

"Custom," and press (4;).


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