Legislation – Grant Products HPAW155 User Manual

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All work that is required regarding the refrigerant circuit must be carried out by an
F-gas registered (or equivalent) refrigeration Engineer. On no account should
maintenance or repair be carried out on the refrigerant circuit by unqualified


The installation of the Grant Aerona Heat Pump requires a power supply cable from
the customer’s consumer unit to an external isolation switch and from this switch to
the heat pump. It will require a final connection to an individual MCB or RHBO within
the existing consumer unit or from a newly installed consumer unit.

This work MUST be carried out by a qualified electrician or by a Part-P competent
installer who has passed an examination proving their competency in these works.

Failure to follow this legislation will invalidate all warranties.

Please seek advice from a competent person before commencing any electrical


Information regarding the refrigerant used in this Heat Pump. R407c

R407C is a mixture of three refrigerants, each of which boil at different temperatures. R407C has a range or glide of approximately
5ºC. The lubricating oils used in this heat pump are known as Polyolester or POE oils. They are considered to be superior oils, less
liable to breakdown however they are more hygroscopic – they must therefore be kept from contact with air as far as is practical.

Information regarding the charging / recharging of the unit.

Always add R407C as a liquid to ensure that the correct mix is added.

Charge the heat pump with the correct weight of refrigerant. See data plate for this information.

Never ‘top-up’ refrigerant. Always recover the remaining refrigerant first for recycling.

Information regarding a refrigerant leak or if the circuit is opened accidentally.

Recover the remaining refrigerant as quickly as possible for recycling.

Avoid entry of air into the heat pump as much as possible.

Replace or install a drier if necessary.

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