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17 Warranty

17.1 The Grant Heat Pump

Dear Customer
You are now the proud owner of a
Grant Aerona Air Source Heat Pump
from Grant Engineering (UK) Limited,
that has been designed to give years of
reliable, trouble free operation.

Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd. guarantees
the manufacture of the heat pump
including all electrical and mechanical
components for a period of two years
from the date of purchase. Provided
that the card is completed and returned
to Grant UK, the heat pump is installed
In full accordance with the installation
instructions provided and it is serviced
after 12 months operation. (See Terms
and Conditions).

Please complete the guarantee
registration section, then detach the
card and return it within 30 days of the
installation of your Grant Air Source
Heat Pump.

Breakdown during the
Manufacturer’s Warranty
If your Grant Heat Pump should fail
during the first 2 years, you must
contact Grant Engineering (UK) Limited,
who will arrange for the repair under the
terms of their Warranty, providing that
the system has been correctly installed
and commissioned, serviced (if older
than 12 months) and the fault is not
due to misuse, or the failure of any
external components not supplied by
Grant UK (e.g. pipework, etc.).

In the first Instance:
Contact your installer or commissioning
engineer to ensure that the fault does
not lie with the system or any other

If a Fault is Found:
Ask your installer to contact Grant
Engineering (UK) Limited, Service
Department on 01380 736920 who will
arrange for a qualified service engineer
to attend to the fault.

Free of Charge Repairs:
During the first 2 years no charge for
parts or labour will be made providing
that the Heat Pump has been installed
and commissioned correctly in
accordance with the manufacturer’s
instructions. Proof of ‘purchase’ date
must be provided upon request.

Chargeable Repairs:
A charge will be made if the cause
of the breakdown is due to any of
the following:

• Faults caused by the plumbing or

heating system, external electrics
and external components.

• The Grant Heat Pump has not

been commissioned, or serviced
in accordance with the
installation and servicing manual.

• The system has been installed for

over 2 years.

Remember before you contact
Please complete the guarantee
registration section, then detach the
card and return it within 30 days of the
installation of your Grant Heat Pump.

Terms of Manufacturer’s Guarantee
1. The Grant Heat Pump guarantee
starts from the date of purchase.

2. All electrical and mechanical
components supplied with the Grant
Heat Pump are guaranteed for a period
of two years.

3. The registration card must be
completed and returned within 30 days
of installation. Failure to do so does not
affect your statutory rights.

4. The Grant Heat Pump must be
installed by a competent installer and in
accordance with the Codes of Practice
and Regulations in force at the time of
the installation.

5. The Grant Heat Pump and its
components must not have been
modified or tampered with.

6. The installation must be serviced
every 12 months as per the installation
instructions. (Receipts should be kept
as proof.)

7. All claims under this guarantee must
be made to Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd
prior to any work being undertaken.
Proof of purchase and date of
installation must be provided on
request. Invoices for call out/repair work
by any third party will not be accepted
unless previously authorised by Grant
Engineering (UK) Ltd.

8. This guarantee is transferable
providing the installation is serviced
prior to the dwelling’s new owners
taking up residence. Grant Engineering
(UK) Ltd must be informed of the new
owner’s details.

9. Grant Engineering (UK) Ltd will
endeavour to provide prompt service in
the unlikely event of a problem
occurring, but cannot be held
responsible for any consequence of
delay however caused.

10. This guarantee applies to Grant
Heat Pumps installed on the UK
mainland, Isle of Man and Channel
Islands only. Provision of in-warranty
cover elsewhere in the UK is subject to
agreement with Grant Engineering (UK)

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