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11 Commissioning

11.3 Setting the BTC Controller

To set the BTC controller.

1. Press all 3 buttons for 1 second to

enter the mode setting.

2. If ‘Mode1’ is shown, press the

button until ‘Mode 3’ is displayed
then press ‘Item again. ‘OUTDR
START’ should now be displayed.

3. Scroll through the menu using the

button, the ‘Item’ button to

access the desired function. Use


button to alter the


4. Press the ‘Item’ button once more

to go back to the menu.

The BTC incorporates 2 digital
temperature controls – one for the CH
and one for the DHW.

The purpose is to give far greater
control over the heating system than
conventional controls allow.

If UFH (Under Floor Heating) and
Radiators are on the same system you
may want the system to work around a
flow temperature of 50˚C. If UFH alone,
then the flow temperature could be a
35˚C flow. When a DHW demand is
present, you may want to use the heat
pump to take the water to 60˚C, or
alternatively you may wish to preserve
the COP and therefore the efficiency
and only raise the cylinder to 50˚C.

This control allows you to be in control.

When operating in DHW mode, the
ambient air temperature is ignored.
However, in CH mode (without DHW
demand) the ambient outside
temperature is used to determine how
much input power is required to
achieve the desired target temperature.

This provides a very efficient way to
weather compensate the heating
system which will add to the heat pump
and the system efficiency.

This increase in efficiency has NOT
been taken into account in the COP’s
quoted on the technical
specifications table.



Figure 11-2: BTC display and buttons

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