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oduction &

General Information


1.1 General Information

The Grant Aerona Heat Pump is a low
water content – low temperature heat
source, designed to be highly efficient
when installed and used in line with
these installation and user instructions.

It is important that these installation
instructions are understood and
followed to ensure reliable operation in
all weather conditions. Failure to do so
will result in erratic temperature swings,
poor efficiency and an unhappy

It is not within the scope of this manual
to design the heating system or provide
any advice regarding the layout of the
system or any of the controls required
for any individual heating system.

These instructions do not replace the
installation or users manuals for any
additional components used in the
design of your system e.g. cylinders,
motorised valves, programmers, solar
thermal devices, buffers, etc.

Grant Engineering UK Ltd offer a design
service for an additional fee – please
contact [email protected] for more
information or visit our website at
www.grantuk.com Note: this service
is subject to the terms and conditions in
force at the time of the design.

These instructions must be left with the
householder for their reference.

1.2 Warranty

This appliance is guaranteed for two
years, covering parts and labour. When
making a claim against this warranty,
the following information must be
provided at the initial point of contact.

Appliance model number

Appliance Serial number

Date of Installation

Date of Commissioning (if different)

Evidence of Heat Loss calculation

Description of fault together with any
relevant fault codes

Please ensure that the caller is
on site to assist us in providing
a fast response.

The warranty will begin only when a
completed registration card is returned
to Grant, or when the registration is
completed online at www.grantuk.com.
Failure to complete the registration at
the time of installation will result in the
warranty being suspended. This does
not affect the consumer’s statutory

If a Grant Engineer is required to visit
the site and no fault is found with the
heat pump, a charge will be made for
this visit. The original caller will be
responsible for this charge.

Refer to Section 17 for full details of the
Grant Heat Pump warranty.

1.3 Important Advice

1. It is essential that the full layout of

the system is understood before the
installation of any component is
undertaken. If you are in any doubt,
please stop and seek advice from a
qualified heating engineer or from
Grant Engineering UK Ltd. Please
note that Grant Engineering will not
be able to offer specific advice
about your system unless we
designed it. In this case, we will
always refer you to seek the advice
of a qualified system designer.

2. The Heat Pump must be installed

and commissioned in accordance
with these installation instructions.
Deviations of any kind will invalidate
the warranty and may cause an
unsafe situation to occur. Please
seek advice from Grant Engineering
UK Ltd if any of these installation
instructions cannot be followed for
whatever reason.

3. The heat pump contains high

pressures and high temperatures
during normal working conditions.
Care must be taken when
accessing the internal workings of
the heat pump.

4. The heat pump contains an

electrically driven fan which rotates
at high speed. Disconnect the heat
pump from the electrical supply
before removing the top cover.

1.4 Immersion Heater

All Grant Aerona Heat pumps are
supplied with a factory fitted 3kW
immersion element. This is designed to
operate at low ambient air temperatures
to increase the output of the unit to
meet the design heat load. Refer to
Section 11 of these instructions for
details of the automatic operation of the
immersion element.

If required, all Grant Aerona Heat
pumps are available with a 6kW back-
up immersion element (in place of the
standard 3kW unit).

This is a factory fitted option ONLY and
must be specified when ordering the
heat pump.

For the starting and running current,
along with the required MCB rating/type
for units with either the 3kW or 6kW
immersion elements refer to Section 8
(page 21) of these instructions.

1 Introduction & General Information


Grant Aerona heat pumps should be stored and
transported in an upright position. If not, the heat
pump MUST be positioned in an upright position for
at least 4 hours before being operated.

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