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Servicing &



12 Servicing & Maintenance

12.1 General

Grant Aerona Heat Pumps require only
the minimum of routine servicing and
maintenance. This basically consists of
a visual check of the unit and should be
regularly carried out (e.g. annually) to
ensure that the heat pump continues to
operate in a safe and efficient manner.

12.2 Air Inlet and Outlet

The air inlet grille and evaporator must
be checked and leaves or any other
debris removed from the space
between the grille and the evaporator

Ensure that both the air inlet to the
evaporator and the discharge from the
fan outlet are unobstructed. Any foliage,
plants, etc. near the heat pump must
not be allowed to grow over the unit.

Under no circumstances should
anything be stacked on or against the

Refer to Section 3.1 for the required
clearances around the unit.

12.3 Condensate Disposal

Check that condensate drain holes in
the bottom of the unit are not blocked.

12.4 Heating System

Check the condition of the flexible
hoses. Replace if damaged or leaking.

12.5 Heat Pump Controls

Check that settings on both the ATC
and BTC controllers are as set when
commissioned. Refer to table of
recorded settings on Page 34 of these
Instructions. Reset to commissioned
settings as necessary.

12.6 Refrigerant

Under no circumstances should the
refrigerant be vented from the charging
points on the refrigerant circuit of the
Heat Pump.

If any work is required to be carried out
on the refrigerant circuit, it MUST be
undertaken by an F-gas registered
refrigeration Engineer (or equivalent).
On no account should any such work
be carried out by unqualified personnel.

If it is necessary to carry out any
remedial work on the Heat Pump,
e.g. replacement of the flexible
hoses, switch the heat pump to off
(set the on/off switch on the ATC
controller to OFF) and isolate the
electrical supply at the external
isolator (and at consumer unit/MCB)
BEFORE starting any work on the
heat pump or system.



Take care not to
damage or distort
the Aluminium fins of
the evaporator when
removing any debris.

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