SINGER 10 User Manual

Page 32

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5, 6, 8, 10 Stitch Sewing Machines

Bar tacks

Strong multi-stitch bar tacks are effective for tacking
belt loops on heavy fabrics such as denim.

Recommended settings

Stitch Selection: Multi-Stitch Zig-Zag

Needle Position:

Stitch Width:

Stitch Length: 1-2

Foot: Special Purpose (J)

Needle Plate: General Purpose (A)

* Mark start and finish lines of belt loop on fabric.

* Place one end of belt loop, wrong side up, on
beginning mark on fabric and straight stitch in place.

* Trim raw end close to stitching and fold belt loop
over, right side up.

* Stitch a bar tack about 1/8" (3mm) from the fold, as

* Fold loose end of belt loop under and press it in
place on finishing line.

* Stitch second bar tack about 118" (3mm) from the


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