Four step buttonhole, Four-step buttonhole – SINGER 10 User Manual

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5, 6, 8, 10 Stitch Sewing Machine


Four-step buttonhole

(only for machines with 5, 6, 8 and 10 stitches)

Your machine makes buttonholes to any size you
choose in only four, easy steps.

* You never need to move the fabric or reposition the

* Always make a practice buttonhole on a sample of
your fabric.

* Be sure bobbin contains enough thread.

* When making buttonholes on hard-to-reach areas
convert machine bed to free arm sewing.

* Mark buttonhole position on fabric as indicated in

Recommended settings

Stitch Selection

Buttonhole Stitch

Stitch Width:



Buttonhole (L)

Needle Plate:

General Purpose (A)

Step A

* Raise presser foot.

* Place fabric under foot.

* Center 3 red guidelines (1) of foot around beginning
line of buttonhole.

* Turn buttonhole dial to the buttonhole symbol (A) for
the first step.

* Position needle in fabric at point (2) by turning the
hand wheel towards you.

* Stitch down to point 3.


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