Sharp MD-MT16H User Manual

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Types of discs


There are two types of discs: playback-only
and recordable discs.

Playback-only MiniDisc:

This type of MiniDisc usually contains
commercially available pre-recorded
music. This is the same kind of optical
disc as CDs.
Playback is performed using an optical
(Recording and editing are not possible.)


When making important recordings, it
is recommended that you use the AC
adaptor. A fully charged rechargeable
battery or alkaline batteries should be
loaded into the unit. Then, even if a
power failure occurs, the power
source will switch over to the battery

When using the rechargeable battery or
the alkaline batteries, if the volume level
is set to “0”, the battery consumption
will be less than when listening to the
recording whilst it is being made.

Insert each plug firmly. If the connections
are poor, the recording may not be made
properly. Always keep the plugs clean.
If the plugs are dirty, electrical noise may
be recorded.

Recordable MiniDisc:

This is a “raw disc” on which recording
can be performed.
This is a magneto-optical disc.
Recordings are made using a laser and
a modulated magnetic field. Repeated
recording is possible.

To prevent recorded discs from

being erased accidentally

Slide the accidental erase prevention
tab, located on the side of the disc, in
the direction indicated by the arrow.

The disc will then be protected against
accidental erasure.

Protected against
accidental erasure

There will only be a
shutter on one side
(the back).

Shutters can be
seen on both sides
of this type of disc.

To add a recording to such a disc, slide
the accidental erase prevention tab back
to its original position.

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