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If the hold function is active whilst the power
is turned off, the power cannot be turned
on by mistake and the battery will not be
accidentally drained.



< How to read the battery indicator >

When the battery is completely dis-
charged, the battery indicator will flash.
Recharge the battery or replace the al-
kaline batteries with a new one.

When the battery has run completely
out, “BATT EMPTY” will appear. Then,
the power will be disconnected auto-


When using the unit with alkaline bat-
teries or a rechargeable battery, the bat-
tery indicator will not correctly display
the remaining capacity for approximately
10 seconds after the power has been
turned on.

When an AC adaptor or a car adaptor
is used, the battery indicator will not be

The number of bars shown in the bat-
tery indicator may increase or de-
crease, depending on the operation
being performed. This is normal.

To prevent the unit from being
operated by mistake

To avoid accidental operation of the unit,
use the hold function.

Move the HOLD switch to the safety posi-
tion (direction indicated by the arrow).

When the unit is in the hold mode, press-
ing the buttons will have no affect.

To cancel the hold mode, move the
HOLD switch away from the safety po-
sition (the opposite direction of the ar-

Battery indicator

Since the battery level is very low, you
cannot start recording or editing.

When the battery
level is high

When the battery
level is very low

Checking the remaining amount
of battery level

The remaining amount of battery level is
shown by the battery indicator (

) dur-

ing operation.

* MD-MT16H FOR UK(22-42)

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