Precautions – Sharp MD-MT16H User Manual

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Do not wear your earphones when you
are crossing streets or near traffic.

Do not use your earphones whilst driving a
motor vehicle, it may create a dangerous
traffic hazard and may be illegal.
Remember to obey all of the safety rules in
your area.

Do not play the unit at a high volume.
Hearing experts advise against extended
listening at high volume levels.

If you experience ringing in your ears,
reduce the volume or discontinue use.

Volume setting

Reduce the volume before starting to
play. MiniDiscs, compared to ordinary
cassette tapes, have very little noise.
If the volume is adjusted according to
your usual expectations of noise, you
may damage your hearing due to the high

Concern for others when listen-
ing to MiniDiscs

If you are enjoying listening to music, the
sound escaping from your earphones may
annoy people around you.
If you are using the unit in particularly
crowded places (such as on trains or buses),
reduce the volume to avoid annoying people
around you.



Storing the unit

Avoid using or leaving the unit in the
following places.

Places exposed to direct sunlight for many
hours (especially in cars with the doors and
windows closed) or near heaters.
(The cabinet may deform, change colour
or the unit may malfunction.)

Places exposed to water.

Places exposed to excessive dust.

Places where temperatures are excessively
high or low.

Places (bathrooms) where the humidity
is extremely high.

Places with strong magnetic fields such
as TVs or loudspeakers.

Places exposed to vibration.

Places where sand can easily enter the
inside of the unit (beaches etc.).

If the unit is used near radio tuners or
TVs, noise and/or picture interference
may result. If you experience these
problems, move the unit away from
such devices.


To avoid accidental electric shock or
other possible problems, observe the
precautions listed below.

Do not disassemble or modify the unit.

Do not drop or subject the unit to shock.

Do not use the unit near open flames.

Do not spill liquid on the unit.

Do not use an external power supply,
other than the 5V DC supplied with this
unit, as it may damage it.

SHARP is not responsible for damage
due to improper use. Refer all servicing
to a SHARP authorised service centre.

* MD-MT16H FOR UK(01-21)

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