Sharp MD-MT16H User Manual

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To interrupt playback:

Press the


button during playback.

To resume playback, press the

0 6

button again.

To stop playback:

Press the

/:OFF button.

To turn off the power:

Press the

/:OFF button whilst in the stop


If the unit is not operated for at least 2
minutes whilst in the stop mode, the
power will shut off automatically.

To remove the MiniDisc:

Turn off the power and move the OPEN lever
in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Resume auto play function:

When you press the

/:OFF button

to stop playback, or when you turn
the power off and then you resume
playback, it will resume at the point
on the MiniDisc where the playback
was halted.

If the MiniDisc is removed and inserted,
and playback is resumed, playback will
start from the first track.

Precautions when making connec-

Do not remove the rubber pads from
the earphones.

Be sure to hold the plug when removing
it. If you pull on the lead, it may break, or
the unit may malfunction.

Interrupted sound:

This product is designed to eliminate
interruptions in the sound which can be
caused by vibrations.
However, if the unit is continuously ex-
posed to vibrations or mechanical
shock, the sound may be interrupted

When the sound is distorted:

If the volume is too high whilst the bass
is being emphasised, the sound may
be distorted, depending on the music
on the track. If this happens, decrease
the bass level or lower the volume level.

If the volume is increased to “VOL 24”
or higher, the bass level will be ad-
justed automatically.
(This is done to reduce the distortion
in the sound.)


When the unit is not to be used
immediately after a MiniDisc has
been inserted, or when you plan
to carry the unit, turn off the power
or cancel the auto-play function.
Otherwise, the auto-play function
will be activated and the battery
will run down.

Since the main unit and the AC adaptor
can heat up during use, you should
avoid allowing the unit to be in direct
contact with your skin for any length of

When using the unit with a car adaptor:

When you switch off the ignition key
during playback, the power to this unit
will also be turned off. Then, when the
ignition key is switched on, playback
will start from the beginning of the track
where playback was halted (Resume
auto-play function).
However, the power to the unit may
not be turned off when the ignition is
turned off, depending on the type of

* MD-MT16H FOR UK(22-42)

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