Sharp MD-MT16H User Manual

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Random play
Repeat play of tracks in
random order

Repeat play of all of the tracks

Repeat play of a single track

Normal playback


To play at double speed
(Mono recording only)

Press the ENTER/SYNC button whilst a
MiniDisc recorded in the monaural long-play
mode is being played.

The unit will display “FAST PLAY” and
start fast playback.

When the ENTER/SYNC button is
pressed again, the unit will return to
normal play.


Depending on the contents recorded on
a MiniDisc, it may be difficult to hear

If a track recorded in the stereo mode is
reached during fast playback, the fast
playback mode will be cancelled.

To re-enter the fast playback mode,
press the ENTER/SYNC button.

To interrupt fast playback:

Press the


button during playback.

When the


button is pressed again,

the unit will resume fast playback.

Random play or repeat play

During playback or whilst in the stop
mode, press the MODE button repeatedly
to select the playback mode.

If the playback mode is selected whilst
stopped, press the


button to start



When “TOC” is displayed, random play
or repeat play is impossible.

In random play the unit will select and
play tracks automatically. (You cannot
select the order of the tracks.)
After all of the tracks have been played
once each in random order, the unit will
stop automatically.

During random play or repeat play of
a single track, cue and review of the
previous or next tracks is not possible.

During random play, the unit cannot find
the beginning of any track which has
been played.




No display

* MD-MT16H FOR UK(22-42)

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