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The TOC (an abbreviation for Table of
Contents) is information about the track
numbers and recorded areas that allow
the unit to find musical selections or
The entire MD is controlled by the information
in this TOC, which enables the unit to find the
beginning of a track quickly or to record
automatically in a vacant area.

The TOC is recorded in a specific area
on a MiniDisc, which is not used for
sound recording.

About TOC recording

When you start recording or editing, “TOC”

will appear in the display.

This indicates that information in the TOC is
now being changed according to recording
or editing being performed.

The changed TOC information will not
be recorded on the MiniDisc right


Whilst “TOC” is displayed, the MiniDisc
should not be removed. Turn the power
off first, and then remove the MiniDisc.

The edited contents can be stored on
the disc after several editing steps have
been performed.

When is the TOC recorded?

The revised TOC will be recorded on the
disc automatically when you press the

/:OFF button whilst in the stop mode. This

will also turn the power to this unit off.

The power will be turned off after the TOC
has been recorded on the disc.


Whilst “TOC” or “TOC EDIT!” is displayed,
do not do any of the following.
– Do not jar or bump the main unit.
– Do not unplug the AC adaptor.
– Do not remove the rechargeable

battery or alkaline batteries.

If you do, the changes in the recorded
or edited contents will be lost if the TOC
information is not recorded properly.

* MD-MT16H FOR UK(01-21)

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