Sharp MD-MT16H User Manual

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A MiniDisc is a disc inside a protective car-
tridge. You can handle it freely without wor-
rying about dust, fingerprints, etc.
However, if dust enters the opening of the
cartridge, or there is excessive dirt on the
cartridge, or the cartridge becomes warped,
you may experience malfunctions.
Please note the following.

Handling the MiniDisc

Do not touch the disc directly!

Do not open the shutter or touch the disc
If the shutter is opened forcibly, it may break.

Never disassemble a MiniDisc.

Where not to store discs

Do not store discs in places with high tem-
peratures or humidity. Specifically, do not
leave discs in places exposed to direct sun-
light or in cars with the doors and windows
Do not leave discs in places where sand
can get into the cartridge easily (e.g.,

Helpful tip when attaching a label

When attaching a label to an MD cartridge,
be sure to note the following. If the label is
not attached properly, the MiniDisc may jam
inside the unit and it may not be possible to
remove it.

If the label peels off or
partially lifts away, re-
place it with a new one.

Do not put a new label
on top of an existing

Attach the label only in the specified lo-
cation. (If it is not within the specified
area, it may cause the disc to jam in the

Regular cleaning

If the surface of the cartridge becomes
dusty or dirty, clean it with a dry cloth.



Moisture condensation

In the following cases, condensation
may form inside the unit.

Shortly after turning on a heater.

When the unit is placed in a room where
there is excessive steam or moisture.

When the unit is moved from a cool
place to a warm place.

When the unit has condensation inside,
the disc signals cannot be read, and the
unit may not function properly.

If this happens, remove the disc.
The condensation should evaporate in
approximately 1 hour. The unit will then
function properly.



* MD-MT16H FOR UK(22-42)

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