Maintenance, Specifications – Sharp MD-MT16H User Manual

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Do not use chemicals for cleaning
(petrol, paint thinner, etc.)
It may affect the quality or colour.

Do not apply oil to the inside of the unit.
It may cause malfunctions.


When the unit becomes dirty
Clean it with a soft cloth.
When the unit is excessively dirty, use a
soft cloth dampened in water.
(External surfaces only)

Clean the earphone plug and the con-
necting cable plug.
This will prevent noise.


As a part of our policy of continuous improvement, SHARP reserves the right to make
design and specification changes for product improvement without prior notice.
The performance specification figures indicated are nominal values of production units.
There may be some deviations from these values in individual units.


Power source:

DC 2.4V:

Optional Rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride bat-
tery (AD-T20BT) x 1

DC 3.0V:

Commercially available, “AA” size, alkaline bat-
tery x 2

DC 4.5V:

Optional car adaptor, AD-CA20X
(for cars with a 12-24V DC negative earth electrical

DC 5V:

Optional AC adaptor (AD-T20APE, AC 230 - 240V,
50/60 Hz)

Power consumption:

7 W (Optional AC adaptor)

Output power:

RMS; 20 mW (10 mW + 10 mW)
(0.2% T.H.D.)

Charging time:

Approx. 4 hours (90 %)
Approx. 6 hours (fully charged)
(When using the AC adaptor)

Battery life:

When using the optional re-
chargeable battery AD-T20BT
(fully charged)

When using two, commercially
available, high capacity, “AA”
size, alkaline batteries

Continuous recording:

Approx. 7.5 hours

Continuous recording:

Approx. 7.5 hours

Continuous play:

Approx. 12 hours

Continuous play:

Approx. 15 hours

* MD-MT16H FOR UK(22-42)

99.4.2, 0:55 PM