Sharp MD-MT16H User Manual

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When the DISPLAY button is pressed
again, the unit will return to the initial


The display of the remaining disc time may
vary slightly from the actual remaining
time. (Page 39)

To create your own track
numbers whilst recording

You can create your own track numbers at
special points in a recording, so that these
points can easily be found later.

At any point where you want to create a
track number whilst recording, press the
REC button.

The track number will be written on the
disc and the recording will continue

To check the remaining
disc time

Whilst recording, you can check the remaining
time available on the disc.

Press the DISPLAY button whilst recording
or whilst in the recording pause mode.


If input is from a stereo source, the
sounds from the left and right channels
will be combined.

Although the monitor sound you hear
in the earphones whilst recording is in
stereo, recording will be monaural.

MiniDiscs recorded in the monaural
long-play mode may not play on other
MD players.

When a recording is made in the mon-
aural long-play mode, you will be able to
play back the MiniDisc twice as fast as
the normal playback speed. (Page 25)

When the unit is stopped after a recording
has been made in the monaural long-play
mode, the recording mode will return to
the stereo mode automatically.


Double time recording in
monaural mode

When recording in the monaural long-play
mode, it can be about twice as long as the re-
cording time available for a stereo recording.
The monaural long-play mode is very useful
for recording conferences or lectures.

Press the MODE button whilst the recording
is paused.

Each time this button is pressed, the
display will switch between the stereo
mode and the monaural long-play

Lights up whilst in the
monaural long-play mode.

Remaining recordable time

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