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If you select the [Photo] or [Music] option when a USB Flash Drive is
connected and a disc is inserted simultaneously, the menu for selecting a
media will appear. Select a media then press ENTER.

Insert/Remove a USB Flash Drive

Inserting a USB Flash Drive – Insert straight-in until it fits into place.

Removing a USB Flash Drive – Withdraw the USB Flash Drive


• This unit supports only USB Flash Drive with FAT16 or FAT32 format.

• The USB Flash Drive can be used for the local storage for enjoying

BD-Live discs with Internet.

• This unit can support up to 4 partitions of the USB Flash Drive.

• Do not extract the USB Flash Drive during operation (play, etc.).

• A USB Flash Drive which requires additional program installation when

you have connected it to a computer, is not supported.

• USB Flash Drive: USB Flash Drive that support USB1.1 and USB2.0.

• Music files (MP3/WMA) and photo files (JPEG/PNG) can be played. For

details of operations on each file, refer to relevant pages.

• Regular back up is recommended to prevent data loss.

• If you use a USB extension cable or USB HUB, the USB Flash Drive

may not be recognized.

• Some USB Flash Drive may not work with this unit.

• Digital camera and mobile phone are not supported.

• USB Port of the unit cannot be connected to PC.

The unit cannot be used as a storage device.

Using a USB Flash Drive

This unit can play the music and photo files
contained in the USB Flash Drive.


1. Insert a USB Flash Drive to the USB port:

2 Displays the [Home Menu]:


3 Select a main option:


b B


[Music] or [Photo] option

4 Select the [USB] option:


b B


5 Displays corresponding menu list:


[MUSIC] or [PHOTO] menu appears.
Details for the menu are on pages 35-37.

BD player

USB Flash Drive

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