Troubleshooting – LG BD-370 User Manual

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Possible Cause

• The power cord is disconnected.

• No disc is inserted.

• The TV is not set to receive video signal output.

• The video cable is not connected securely.

• The selected resolution is not capable with your TV.

• The equipment connected with the audio cable is not

set to receive disc signal output.

• The power of the equipment connected with the audio

cable is turned off.

• The [AUDIO] options are set to the wrong position.

• The player is in reverse play, fast forward, slow motion

or pause mode.

• The disc is upside down.

• An unplayable disc is inserted.

• The rating level is set.

• The disc was recorded on another unit and was not


• The Remote Control is not pointed at the remote

sensor on the player.

• The Remote Control is too far from the player.


No power.

The power is on, but the
player does not work.

No picture.

No sound.

The player does not start

The Remote Control does
not work properly.


• Plug the power cord into the wall outlet securely.

• Insert a disc. (Check the disc indicator in the display win-

dow is lit.)

• Select the appropriate video input mode on the TV.

• Connect the video cable securely.

• Select another resolution using RESOLUTION button.

• Select the correct input mode of the audio receiver so you

can listen to the sound from the player.

• Turn on the equipment connected with the audio cable.

• Set the [AUDIO] options to the correct position

(see page 25-26).

• Return to the normal playback.

• Insert the disc with the playback side down.

• Insert a playable disc. (Check the disc type and regional


• Change the rating level.

• Finalize the disc on that unit.

• Point the Remote Control at the remote sensor of the


• Operate the Remote Control closer to the player.

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