LG BD-370 User Manual

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How to check the network configuration

Select [IP Mode] option and check the Network status indicator shown
above the menu. (The Network status indicator changes according to
Network configuration.)

IP Setting

This option is available only if [IP Mode] option is set to [Static IP].
Use the v / V / b / B buttons to select a field; use the number buttons to
enter a value. Press ENTER when [OK] is highlighted to finish and exit the

BD-LIVE connection

You can restrict Internet access when BD-Live functions are used.

[Permitted] – Internet access is permitted for all BD-Live contents.

[Partially permitted] – Internet access is permitted only for BD-Live
contents which have content owner certificates. Internet access and
AACS Online functions are prohibited for all BD-Live contents without
a certificate.

[Prohibited] – Internet access is prohibited for all BD-Live contents.



Changes the background of the initial screen.

Java Font Size

You can adjust the default text size displayed for the BD-J contents during
BD-ROM playback. This setting is only valid when BD-J contents do not
set the size of text. Please select a font size bigger than 24 when the play-
er is connected with a HD TV.


You can reset the player to its original factory settings or initialize the BD

[Factory Set] – If you need to, you can reset the player to all its facto-
ry settings. Some options cannot be reset. (Rating, Password and Area
Code, etc.)

[BD Storage Clear] – Initializes the BD contents from the connected
USB Flash Drive.

[Deactivate Netflix] – Deactivates your player. To activate the Netflix
again, see page 41.


If you reset the player to its original factory settings using [Factory Set]
option, you have to set the CinemaNow activation and Netflix activation

Software Update

You can update the software by connecting the unit directly to the software
update server (see page 21).

Netflix ESN

This player has its unique Netflix ESN (Electronic Serial Number) that
allows you to use the Netflix streaming.
Select [Netflix ESN] option and the serial number will appear.

Disclaimer Notice

Press ENTER or B to view the notice of Network Service Disclaimer on
page 53.


Able to use network

Testing Network

Unable to use network

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