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Selecting a movie to watch on your TV

After you set up your player and add movies & TV episodes, you can
browse and watch them on your TV.


Press HOME and the home menu will appear.

3. Use b / B to highlight a movie on your instant Queue. Use m / M

button to move to the previous or next page.
The selected movie shows the title, rating and total time.

4. Do either of the following:

• Press N (PLAY) to play back the highlighted title.
• Press ENTER to view details for the highlighted title, and then use

v / V to choose any of the menu items:
[play] Starts playing the selected title.

[resume playing] Plays a previously paused title from the scene
where you paused it. This option is available only if you begin
watching a title and then pause it.

[play from beginning] Starts playing from the beginning of the
selected title.

[choose a different episode] (TV series only) Enables you to select
a specific show of a TV series. Press b / B to highlight the show
you want to view, and then press ENTER to choose it.

[rate] Enables you to rate a movie or show. The more stars, the
higher the rating. Press ENTER to access the rating feature, and
then press b / B to increase or decrease the rating. Press ENTER
again to confirm the selected rating.

[remove] Deletes the selected movie from your instant Queue.

[remove series] (TV series only) Deletes the selected TV series from
your instant Queue.

5. Press v to return to your instant Queue.

Playing a movie

While watching a movie or TV episode from Netflix via your player, you
have full control over your viewing experience. You can use the buttons
on the remote to pause and resume viewing and to scan forward and
backward, just like when you watch a DVD. While playing a movie, the
buttons on the remote do the following:




Starts playing back the movie.


To pause a movie while it’s playing. To resume playing
a paused movie, press N (Play) again.

x / v

Stops the movie and displays your instant Queue.


Pauses playing the movie and enters frame scanning


Pauses playing the movie and enters frame scanning
mode. To scan forward one frame at a time, press the
button again.


Pauses playing the movie and enters frame scanning
mode. To scan backward one frame at a time, press the
button again.

M / m

Pauses playing the movie and scans forward or backward
through the movie. To scan faster, press the button again.
To play the highlighted scene, press ENTER or N.
To resume playing from the point you paused the movie,
press v.


When you have finished watching movies streamed from
Netflix, simply press the HOME button on the remote
control to go to the Home Menu.

Even if you use a high-resolution setup, audio/video quality may be
compromised based on the speed of your broadband internet connection.
Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) determines your broadband speed.
We recommend a minimum connection speed of 1.5 Mbps. For the best
quality picture, a connection speed of 4.0 Mbps is required. Sometimes
your broadband speed varies based on your ISP’s network conditions.
Contact your ISP if you have problems maintaining a fast connection that
is reliable, or if you want to increase your connection speed. Many ISPs
offer a variety of broadband speed options.


Use b / B to select the [Netflix]
then press ENTER.
The instant Queue screen will

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