Playing a dvd vr format disc – LG BD-370 User Manual

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AACS Online

When discs supporting BD-Live are played back, the player or disc IDs
may be sent to the content provider via the Internet.
Services and functions to be provided differ depending on the disc.

You can be introduced to other similar movies if you record your view-
ing history on the server by using these IDs.

Game score histories can be saved.

Playing secondary video (picture-in-picture) and
secondary audio

Secondary video can be played from a disc compatible with the picture-in-
picture function.
For the playback method, refer to the instructions for the disc.

To turn on/off secondary video, press PIP. Secondary video is played.
Press the button to turn it ON or OFF.

To turn on/off audio with the secondary video, press PIP AUDIO. The
secondary audio is played. Press the button to turn it ON or OFF.

• Discs may not always be played back according to the settings on this

unit, as certain playback formats are prioritized on certain discs.

• Only the primary video is played during search/slow-motion or frame-by-


• When the secondary video is turned off, the secondary audio does not


• This function may not work depending on the disc.
• The secondary and interactive audio may not be included in the output

bitstream if [SPDIF] or [HDMI] option is set to [Primary Pass-Thru].
(Except LPCM Codec : the output always include interactive and
secondary audio.)

• You can use various playback functions. Refer to pages 29-32.

• On the [MOVIE] menu, use red or blue button to move to the first or the

last movie and green or yellow button to move to the previous or next

• Unfinalized DVD VR format discs may not be played in this player.

• Some DVD-VR disc are made with CPRM data by DVD RECORDER.

This unit cannot support these kinds of discs.

What is CPRM?
CPRM is a copy protection system (with scramble system) only allowing
the recording of ‘copy once’ broadcast programs. CPRM stands for
Content Protection for Recordable Media.

Playing a DVD VR Format Disc

1 Insert a VR disc:

The [VR] menu appears on the screen.

2 Selects a movie from the [MOVIE] menu:


b B


3 Plays the selected movie:



4 Stops the playback:


x )

This unit will play DVD-RW disc that is recorded
using the Video Recording (VR) format.


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