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Playing a video

While watching a movie or TV episode from CinemaNow via your player,
you have control over your viewing experience. You can use the buttons
on the remote to pause and resume viewing and to scan forward and
backward, just like when you watch a DVD. While playing a movie, the
buttons on the remote do the following:

Note the video quality indicator on the top right hand side of the screen
while a video is playing. The quality level is dependent on your current
internet network conditions and will improve as those do.




Starts playing back the movie.


To pause a movie while it’s playing. To resume playing
a paused video, press N (Play) again.


Stops the movie and displays previous screen.


Displays the video quality indicator and progress bar on
the screen.

m / M

Scans forward or backward through the movie. To scan
faster, press the button again.
To resume playing back, press N.


When you have finished watching movies streamed from
CinemaNow, simply press the HOME button on the remote
control to go to the Home Menu.


During playback or pause mode, press ZOOM to display
the [Zoom] menu. Use green or yellow buttons to zoom in
or out the picture. You can move through the zoomed pic-
ture using v V b B buttons. To return to the normal picture
size, press yellow button repeatedly to fully zoom out the
picture. Press RETURN to exit the [Zoom] menu.

The playback of CinemaNow videos may be paused, stopped or buffering
occurring often depending on your broadband speed.
We recommend a minimum connection speed of 1.5 Mbps. For the best
playback condition, a connection speed of 4.0 Mbps is required.
Sometimes your broadband speed varies based on your ISP’s network
conditions. Contact your ISP if you have problems maintaining a fast
connection that is reliable, or if you want to increase your connection
speed. Many ISPs offer a variety of broadband speed options.

Video quality



video title

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