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This unit allows you to enjoy functions such as picture-in-picture,
secondary audio and Virtual packages, etc., with BD-Video supporting
BONUSVIEW (BD-ROM version 2 Profile 1 version 1.1/ Final Standard
Profile). In addition to the BONUSVIEW function, BD-Video supporting
BD-Live (BD-ROM version 2 Profile 2) that has a network extension
function allows you to enjoy more functions such as online games by
connecting this unit to the Internet.

Enjoying BD-Live discs with Internet

This unit supports BD-Live, a new BD-Video function that allows you to use
the following interactive functions when connected to the Internet. (The
usable functions and the operating method may vary with each disc. For
details, refer to the instructions for the disc.)

Additional contents such as movie’s trailer, subtitles and BD-J, etc. can
be downloaded to the USB Flash Drive to play them.

Special video data, etc. may be played back while they are being
downloaded to a USB Flash Drive.

• The unit must be connected to the Internet and set up to use the

BD-Live functions (see page 19 and 27).

• An USB Flash Drive is required to use this function. Connect an USB

Flash Drive (see page 22).

• The free space in the USB Flash Drive must be more than 1GB.


Do not extract the connected USB Flash Drive while content is being
downloaded or a Blu-ray disc is still in the disc tray. Doing so may damage
the connected USB Flash Drive and BD-Live features may not operate
properly with the damaged USB Flash Drive anymore.
If the connected USB Flash Drive seems damaged from such an action,
you can format the connected USB Flash Drive from the PC and reuse it
with this player.


Some BD-Live contents may be restrictively accessed in some
territories by contents provider’s own decision.

It may take up to several minutes to load and start enjoying BD-Live

Depending on a disc, the BD-Live function may not be operated if
[BD-LIVE connection] option is set to [Partially Permitted]. (See page

The connection to the Internet may take time or the Internet may not
be connected depending on the connection environment. It is required
that you use a broadband connection.

Do not remove the USB Flash Drive during operation. The USB Flash
Drive may be damaged. Stop playback and turn off the menu before-


Special video data, etc. may be played back while they are being down-
loaded to an USB Flash Drive using one function of BD-Live. The playback
may be paused depending on the communication
Some functions may be disabled to prevent skipping to sections that have
not been downloaded, etc.

Enjoying BD-LIVE™

1 Inserts a BD-ROM disc with BD-LIVE™



2 Check the network connection and settings:

BD-Live features need the internet connection.

3 Inserts an USB Flash Drive to the USB port:

BD-Live features need an USB Flash Drive.

4 Select a BD-LIVE™ features on the

v V b B, ENTER

disc menu:


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