LG BD-370 User Manual

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Blocks playback of rated disc based on their content. (Not all discs are

[Rating 1-8] – Rating one (1) has the most restrictions and rating eight
(8) is the least restrictive.

[Unlock] – If you select unlock, parental control is not active and the
disc plays in full.

BD Age

Set an age limit of BD-ROM play. Use number buttons to input an age limit
for BD-ROM viewing.

[255] – All BD-ROM can be played.

[0-254] – Prohibits play of BD-ROM with corresponding ratings
recorded on them.

• The [BD Age] will be applied only for the BD disc that containing the

Advanced Rating Control.

• For the region using MPAA rating level, refer to the table below as an


Area Code

Enter the code of the area whose standards were used to rate the DVD
video disc, based on the list on page 49.


The [NETWORK] settings are needed to use the software update, BD Live,
Netflix, CinemaNow and YouTube features.
Some BD-ROM discs may enable you to access special BD-ROM sites, if
you connect the player to the Internet. For example, if a BD-ROM site
includes content such as links to future movie trailers, you can watch the
downloaded on-line content on the player.
You do not need to connect to a PC to use this function.


This feature requires an always-on broadband internet connection.
(see page 19-20.)

A BD-ROM disc compatible with this feature is required. Not all
BD-ROM discs are compatible.

IP Mode

If there is a DHCP server on the local area network (LAN), this player will
automatically be allocated an IP address. If you’re using a broadband
router or broadband modem that has a DHCP (Dynamic Host
Configuration Protocol) server function, select [Dynamic IP]. The IP
address will automatically be determined.
If there is no DHCP server on the network and you want to set the IP
address manually, select [Static IP] then set the [IP Address], [Subnet
Mask], [Gateway] and [DNS Server] using [IP Setting] option.

BD Age

MPAA rating

0 G

8 PG

13 PG-13

17 R

18 NC-17

255 Not


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