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Example) MP3 files

• When the USB Flash Drive is connected and a disc is inserted

simultaneously, the menu for selecting a media will appear. Select a
media then press ENTER.

• You can use various playback functions. Refer to pages 29-31.

• To go directly to any track or file and play, enter the track/file number

using the numbered buttons (0-9).

• The playback may start automatically if the Audio CD inserted.

• Use v/V/b/B to select a folder then press ENTER and you can view the

files in the folder. If you want to move to the upper or lower
directory, use v/V to move to the desired directory.

• On the [MUSIC] menu, use red or blue button to move to the first or the

last file or track and green or yellow button to move to the previous or
next page.

• The equalizer indicator is not coupled with the music in play back.

• If there is impossible code to express in the file name, it may be

displayed as illegible.

About repeat, random icons in the [MUSIC] menu

When you are using the repeat, A-B repeat or random functions in the
[MUSIC] menu, refer to the mode icons as shown below.

– The current track or file will be played back repeatedly.

– All the tracks or files will be played back repeatedly.

– Selected portion will be repeated continually

– The tracks or files will be played back in random order.

– All the tracks or files will be played back repeatedly in random


To cancel the A-B repeat, repeat or Random playback, press CLEAR.

MP3/WMA audio file requirement

File extensions: “.mp3”, “.wma”

Sampling frequency: within 8 - 48 kHz (WMA), within 10 - 48 kHz (MP3)

Bit rate: within 8 - 320kbps

CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, BD-R/RE Format:
ISO 9660+JOLIET, UDF and UDF Bridge format

Maximum Files/Folder: Less than 2000

Notes on MP3/WMA file
• Depending on the size and number of the MP3/WMA files, it may take

several minutes to read the contents of the media.

• This unit cannot support the ID3 Tag embedded in the MP3 file.

Listening to music

1 Insert an Audio CD or a disc/USB Flash

Drive containing MP3/WMA files.

2 Displays the [Home Menu]:


3 Select a [Music] option:

v V b B, ENTER

4 Selects a music from the [MUSIC] menu:

v V

5 Plays the selected music:



6 Stops the playback:


x )

The player can play Audio CDs and MP3/WMA
files. Before playing MP3/WMA files, read
“MP3/WMA audio file requirement” on page 35.


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