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Safety Precautions

Be sure to read carefully this safety precaution given in data sheet and user’s manual before

operating the module and follow them.

The precautions explained here only apply to the G3F-AD3A, G4F-AD3A, and G6F-AD2A.

For safety precautions on the PLC sys tem, please see the MASTER-K 200S/300S/1000S

User’s manual and the GLOFA GM3/4/6 User’s manual.

A precaution is given with a hazard alert triangular symbol to call your attention, and precautions

are represented as follows according to the degree of hazard.

However, a precaution followed with

can also result in serious conditions.

Both of two symbols indicate that an important content is mentioned, therefore, be sure to

observe it.

Keep this manual handy for your quick reference in necessary.

If not provided with proper prevention, it can cause death

or fatal injury or considerable loss of property.

If not properly observed, it can cause a hazard situation

to result in severe or slight injury or a loss of property.




Safety Precautions

Design Precautions

Do not run I/O signal lines near to high

voltage line or power line. Separate

them as 100mm or more as possible.

Otherwise, noise can cause module



Installation Precautions

Operate the PLC in the environment

conditions given in the general


If operation in other environment not

specified, it can cause an electric shock,

a fire, malfunction or damage or

degradation of the module.

Make sure the module fixing projections

is inserted into the module fixing hole

and fixed.

Improper installation of the module can

cause malfunction, disorder or falling.


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