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Chapter 3 Installation and wiring

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3 Installation and wiring

3.1 Installation

3.1.1 Installation ambiance

The A/D module has designed to have high reliability regardless of its installation

ambiance. However, please be sure to check the following precautions for higher

reliability and stability of system.

1) Ambiance requirements

Avoid installing the A/D module in following locations where;

temperature may experience ambient drops or rising.

(It should stay within 0


C ~ 55


C or 32


F ~ 131



condensation may occur due to abrupt temperature changes

vibration and shock are directly transmitted to the PLC system.

the PLC system is exposed to the direct rays of the sun.

the PLC system is exposed to corrosive or inflammable gas.

the PLC system is exposed to conductive powder, oil mist, salt, or organic solvent.

2) Installing and wiring

During wiring or other work, do not allow any wire scraps to enter into the module.

Install the module on location that is convenient for operation.

Be sure that it is not located near high voltage equipment on the same panel.

Be sure to install the module at least 50 mm away from a duct or other devices.

Be sure to be grounded to locations that have good noise immunity.

3.1.2 Handling precautions

From unpacking to installation, be sure to check the following;

Do not drop it off, and make sure that strong impacts should not be applied.

Do not dismount printed circuit boards from the case. It can cause malfunctions of


Be sure to disconnect electrical power before mounting / dismounting the module.

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