LG LW60 User Manual

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Ch1. Service information

1-6. Read this first

Before you go to the checkout guide, be sure to read this section.

Important Notes


Only trained personnel certified by LG should service the computer.


Read the entire FRU removal and replacement page before replacing any FRU.


Use new nylon-coated screws when you replace FRUs.


Be extremely careful during such write operations as copying, saving, formatting.

Drives in the computer that you are servicing sequence might have been altered. If you selected an

incorrect drive, data or programs might be overwritten.

· Replace FRUs only for the correct mode.

· When you replace a FRU, make sure the model of the machine and the FRU part number are correct by

referring to the FRU parts list.

· A FRU should not be replaced because of a single, irreproducible failure. Single failures can occur for a

variety of reasons that have nothing to do with a hard ware defect, such as cosmic radiation,

electrostatic discharge, or software errors.

· Consider replacing a FRU only when a problem recurs. If you suspect that a FRU is defective, clear the

error log and run the test again. If the error does not recur, do not replace the FRU.

· Be careful not to replace a non-defective FRU.


What to do first

You must fill out the record form first.

During the warranty period, the customer may be responsible for repair costs if the computer damage was

caused by misuse, accident, modification, unsuitable physical or operating environment, or improper

maintenance by the customer. The following list provides some common items that are not covered under

warranty and some symptoms that might indicate that the system was subjected to stress beyond normal

use. Before checking problems with computer, determine whether the damage is covered under the

warranty by referring to the following :

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