LG LW60 User Manual

Page 25

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Ch3. System information


Using the keys

The keys used in the BIOS Setup Utility and their functions are described at the bottom.


, + : General Help

Display the descriptions of the keys used in the setup utility.


, : Select Item

Navigate and select items in the setup utility. The selected item becomes highlighted.


, : Select Menu

Move to another menu.


/ , : Change Values

Change the value of a selected item.


: Load Default Configuration

Display Setup Confirmation window. Press Enter to load default configuration.


: Select Sub-Menu

Some items have sub-menus. Display the sub-menu for a selected item.


: Save and Exit

Display Setup Confirmation window. Press Enter to save and exit.


: Exit

In a sub-menu, press Esc to move to the previous window. In Main menu, click Esc to move to Exit menu.

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