LG LW60 User Manual

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Ch4. Symptom-to-part index


LCD-related symptoms


Before removing or disassembling LCD, power off the computer, unplug all power cords from electrical

outlets, remove the battery pack also.

LCD assembly.
System board.

Power-on indicator on, and a blank\LCD
during POST.

LCD assembly.

Horizontal or vertical lines displayed
on LCD

1. Reset all LCD connectors.
2. Replace LCD cable.
3. LCD assembly.
4. System board.

LCD color cannot be adjusted.
LCD screen abnormal.
Characters missing pixels.
LCD screen unreadable.
Wrong color displayed.

1. Reconnect inverter to the board connector.
2. Replace inverter.
3. LCD assembly.
4. System board.

LCD backlight not working.
LCD too dark.
LCD brightness cannot be adjusted.

1. Check out Battery Miser.
2. Choose Never in the Turn off Monitor item on

Power Options Properties.

3. Check the power save mode switch if it is pressed

by something.

4. Check the System is in standby or hibernation


Nothing displayed on LCD screen.

Check out Battery Miser.

LCD screen becomes dark suddenly.

FRU or action, in sequence

Symptom / Error

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